Hair-Care: Expectations Vs. Reality! March 11 2016

By Dr. Roma Thadani
Natural Beauty & Wellness Expert
B.H.M.S., Certified Cosmetic Formulator (London, U.K.), 
Founder & CEO, SPLURGE 

“Smooth, silky, thick, black long hair”, each one of us desires to have this exact kind of hair. Well, you cannot blame yourself for having such expectations, it’s mostly due to the advertisements the hair care brands do to promote their product. Let’s face it, we are all different in our own ways, we look different, are born with a different genetic code, in different geographies, have different lifestyles and eat different foods. We all have different kind of hair, variations could be in the color of your hair, texture, density, length, strength, volume and appearance. All of these are very unique to each of our personalities. However, what is of utmost importance is having healthy and well-nourished hair.

Below are some factors that influence the health of your hair. Make sure to follow these simple guidelines and see how you can transform your hair and revitalize them.

  1. Texture of your hair:
    Your texture is usually the one that you inherit from your genes. However, excessive use of chemical dyes, hair treatments, heat-rollers and chemical sprays can damage the outer layer of your hair by stripping away its nutrients. This results in your hair becoming dry, brittle and unmanageable. It may have split-ends or may even break in between.

Suggestion: Reduce the use of chemicals and heat-rollers/iron on your hair. Embrace your natural texture, maybe learn to style them differently.

  1. Density, length and volume of your hair:
    While some people genetically have thin hair strands, some may notice that they were originally born with thick hair and gradually over a period of time, their hair starts thinning out. Such change is common due to various factors like hormonal imbalance, long-term deficiency of iron and essential vitamins and minerals, stress, low water intake or chronic illness. It essentially means that your hair roots are not getting the required amount of nourishment they need to stay healthy; because of which your individual hair strands become thinner, resulting in overall reduction of volume.

Suggestion: Improve your diet to be rich in vitamins and minerals, increase your water intake and try to control your stress levels. If you have a hormonal imbalance or a chronic illness, seek professional help to solve it and in turn, your hair will start to regain its health.

  1. Length of your hair:
    The length of your hair is directly proportional to the health of your hair. The average rate at which our hair grows is about 0.5 inches a month or 6 inches a year. You can’t really fight that and expect 6 inches of hair growth in a month! We need to be realistic, patient and determined. A holistic approach is going to give you better results than temporary fixes.

Suggestion: Be patient. Be persistent with good eating healthy eating habits, nothing changes overnight. You will gradually see your body and your health state transform!

Like I quote, “Your skin and hair are always a reflection of the health state inside your body.” Be wise, eat right, stay positive, always do things that make you happy and above all, accept and love yourself, unconditionally, if you don’t, nobody else will too!

SHINE, inside out!